Another Use for Twitter Lists – Content Curation


Here is a simple content curation strategy that will produce helpful content to your followers as well as show some respect and love to bloggers and influencers in your industry/niche.

Content Curation Using Twitter Lists

  1. Create a Twitter list of 25 or more Twitter influencers in your industry. (To do this, use Twitter directories such as Follower Wonk and sort out the top tweeps. Don’t try to find sites that simply aggregate posts or users who just share other people’s posts, find actual tweeps who write and make their own content.)
  2. Once you have the Twitter list developed, set up an account with
  3. Inside your account on, create a new paper
  4. When adding feeds, simply add the Twitter list you created in Step 1
  5. Pretty up your page, set the time you want it to post to your account, and your done

You now have a relevant piece of content for your audience and that you can distribute anywhere you like. Also, each time it gets published, has an automatic setting that will mention some of the top tweeps mentioned in the article.

Wait a few days or a week and see if those bloggers respond back to you, thank you for publishing them… I have a strong feeling some will… what a great ice breaker :)


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