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Its important for your business that your employees understand data protection. More than they they need to understand how to apply data protection practice across all your business activities.

We offer a range of courses from general introductory courses to our highly specialised Privacy by Design training. We also tailor content for business sectors with specific data protection needs.

For larger companies we custom design courses to ensure your company data protection policies are communicated, understood and practiced.

Whatever course you take you can rest assured that you will receive the benefit of our professionally designed and delivered courses containing a wealth of data protection expertise and best practice.


This one-day training course will give you a solid understanding of data protection and will give practical advice on how to implement good practice across a range of business activities


  • Understand data protection principles
  • Know how data protection applies to your business
  • Avoid the common mistakes that put your customer data at risk


The course will benefit anyone who carries out a customer facing business activity such as sales, marketing or customer support or  anyone running a web based or e-commerce business.


Section 1 – Introduction to data protection An introduction to data protection and examination of the 8 principles that govern how businesses should handle customer data

Section 2  – Application of data protection principles Examining various business activities and giving practical examples of how to apply good data protection practices to each scenario.

  • Data protection applied to websites
  • Data protection and e-commerce
  • Data protection and customer service
  • Data protection applied to marketing activities
  • Use of CCTV/biometrics
  • Common Pitfalls