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We provide privacy and
data protection services
for companies

Enabling you to build trusted customer relationships






Designing your system with privacy in mind can save you making  costly mistakes.

Data protection enables relationships with your customers based on mutual trust.

The majority of data breach incidents are caused by human error due to lack of awareness

Irish CIOs / IT leaders rate a data breach as four times worse than departure of the CEO.

We provide design oversight to integrate privacy and data protection compliance into your products and programs

We provide a risk assessment of your business data to help you keep your customer information safe and secure

 We provide flexible training options to raise the privacy capability of your staff enabling you to avoid unnecessary business cost

We provide practical guidance through the stressful process of managing a data breach and restoring customer confidence in your business


Whether you are designing a website, a customer engagement program or a software product it always makes business sense to get it right first time.

Considering privacy and data protection during the design phase of your project avoids increased costs later on. It also results in increased awareness of privacy and data protection across your organisation ensuring your product marketing and product support teams also incorporate good data practices into their activities.

We combine experience of software development and commercial websites with data protection knowledge to offer a “Privacy by Design” service integrating privacy considerations into your projects.


Privacy Impact Assessment(PIA) is a business data risk assessment that helps businesses to protect and manage information that customers have shared.

It involves assessing customer data, reviewing and documenting information flows, identifying and mitigating risks and integrating solutions into business processes and project plans.

We offer independent Privacy Impact Assessments to help your organisation implement effective processes for handling your customers personal data.


Human error ranges from simple errors like putting the wrong address on an envelope right up to falling prey to complex social engineering scams.

It makes sense to ensure your staff understand your data handling policies, can spot the signals that suggest possible scams and are aware of data protection legislation.

Our cost effective training with flexible delivery options, provides your staff with data security awareness, process and best practice training to help your organisation protect your customers data.


The real measure of a business is how well it handles bad situations. In fact, customers who see businesses handling difficult situations well often become even more loyal to the business.

It requires skill to manage a data breach and restore control to your business and that skill can be difficult to develop when you are already under pressure.

We bring our experience to offer practical guidance through the stressful process of managing a data breach and restoring customer confidence in your business.

Marie Murphy owns and runs SafeDataMatters.com where she offers a range of services to help businesses enhance their business reputation through proactively managing their customer data.

Previously as CEO of an internet start-up Marie gained firsthand experience of the data protection challenges facing businesses in today’s digital world.

With over 25 years working in global organisations including EDS (General Motors), Motorola, TM Forum and bobbil.com, Marie is an operational expert with deep knowledge of technology and business processes.  Marie’s extensive experience of formal assessment projects and change management roles enable her to quickly and accurately assess situations and make practical recommendations for change that will deliver results with minimal disruption.

Marie has formal training in data protection combined with a technical background in communications and software development.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your business data – in confidence naturally – I would be delighted to hear from you. I always try to respond to  queries within the same business day.

I will only use your email to contact you.

Marie’s philosophy is that data protection is not just about compliance. Done properly, it enables businesses to build trusted relationships with their customers. It ultimately benefits the business by enhancing the business reputation.